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Positive Language: Why Use It?

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Positive Language: Why Use It?

Ever been told off by a teacher or manager and felt an intense amount of anger?
Did you find comfort in someone else in the same role but they made you feel calm and comfortable?

Often this can be attributed to the language that was used.
Negative language can induce feelings of pain, fear and can possibly make you avoid this situation or task for many years to come. Think of this situation as someone standing over you with a big stick!

POSITIVE language can empower a person and give them confidence in the task without the fear of failure, but rather comfortable enough to try again. Picture this as someone with a big smile standing behind you cheering you on!

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Being a busy business owner or people leader can bring many mixed emotions, and as a leader whatever you are feeling, your people may be feeling as well. If you are cranky and frustrated from pressures of running a business, you may find your staff’s demeanor changes and you aren’t getting the best out of them.

If you had a big win and celebrated and shared your success with the team, you might find the vibe around the workplace lifts and everybody is focused on delivering in their role AGAIN & AGAIN as this feeling of success, celebration and happiness is catchy and addictive. It’s called Oxytocin!

So how can you promote these feelings in the workplace?

By using POSITIVE LANGUAGE. Start by checking your own language, habits and behaviours. Do you say the words DON’T, STOP or CAN’T a lot?
Words like these are blockers and indicative of the end. Try also to eliminate the word BUT, any good comment followed up the by the word BUT discounts everything you have already said.

Flipping these words into DO, START and CAN is the most simple and effective way to change the mood.
These words will empower your people and allow them to feel supported and in turn trust you and keep turning up for you. After all, without any staff, what would your business look like?

  • You can also encourage your staff to do the same thing, and when it catches on, watch your productivity soar!
    Using positive language yourself and encouraging your team to do so also helps overcome resistance and change, and it’s absolutely no secret that change is now a constant.
  • I have been lucky and unlucky enough to have worked in both types of workplaces and can attest that genuine positive language will change the culture and productivity in your business. Don’t be “that” boss everyone snickers about behind their back. Be the one that empowers your people to grow personally & professionally.