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How Much Time Are You Wasting In Your Business?

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How Much Time Are You Wasting In Your Business?

Do you continually struggle wasting time going over the same thing whether it be for existing staff/contractors or new recruits to up-skill and educate to achieve the level of detail and company culture the company was originally built upon?

It might be simple issues like shutting a site fence when your people leave, wearing harnesses or specific company processes that make your company different to potentially very serious OHS repercussions if workers are injured while not following a procedure.

This constant battle can be overwhelming and crippling your profits margins…compounded by the diminishing care factor of trades and the labour shortage- it’s a tough game out there!

I personally saw the inside of a courtroom after 2 serious accidents in my construction company. I know first hand what you need to do to protect a business if workers choose to ignore and cut corners. I can explain more when we talk.

There was a gap in the industry and an immediate need to fill this gap, so I got to work. I not only ran a very successful scaffold business but I was mentoring some construction start up businesses, and they also had the same gap I did.

What did I Do?

I introduced a series of short training videos with one of my clients and the results were instant, each issue eliminated and savings of $1000s not having continued safety meetings and tool box talks.. I had to investigate further.

We selected a few more recurring issues the company was experiencing and to date with each video we created we have eliminated each issue. The process is simple.

I would like to have a zoom meeting with you where I’ll ask you a few questions about what is causing you issues.
We’ll need to identify what costs / risk / potential hazzard associated with each issue we plan to solve and I’d like to track what happens after we make a video and deploy it in your business.

I’d like to hear what your staff or contractors say when they complete the training.

I named the company “Multiply Me” with the objective…

Best Video Training Software

Provide a solution for business owners where they can record a quick video about situations, tasks or issues as they come up and submit them to a service where someone else transforms the information into professional Company Specific, re-usable TRAINING VIDEOS.

The system is designed to be the easiest ON THE RUN solution to upgrade to, communicating through video without the heavy cost of video production and burden on your valuable time.

Your Multiply ME Dashboard is a powerful storage, organisational and distribution hub, ready to plug into your business to drastically move the needle on where you’re heading. Think of it as your Companies own YouTube Channel that tracks your critical training data.

What’s amazing is you’ll also have access to who, when, why and how with the automated results collection tool… results are collected even while you sleep!

I have designed this Platform from a need I had and now I am here and ready to help YOU.

Book in a free, no-obligation chat to see how YOU can Multiply YOU.
How changing your mindset can protect you and your business…

 video training software

Being in business comes with some ups and downs.
2 extreme downs I experienced as the director of my Scaffold company were 2 serious accidents.

After 10 years sorting through the details of these accidents with the investigators It helped me refine my IDDDR system.

It’s the IDDDR business protection MINDSET I presented in my investigations and found it was like a body armour for business and my family

  • It’s not about making training videos, it’s about being proactive and supporting your team with information and knowledge to be safe and work to your standard.
  • The videos are important, reliable and consistent communication available to anyone that needs it, so you don’t need to be always there in a physical form. You can Multiply Yourself. An extra set of hands. Be in more places than one.
  • Running your business with the IDDDR system will not only show your business characteristics in the highest regard but it will drastically reduce or eliminate any issues from happening in the first place.
  • Get in front of the game before you get put behind.
  • Implementing a Learning Management System using video (the fastest way to consume information) is for forward thinking proactive business leaders, and we want to work with you.
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