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The Magic of Multiplying Yourself. Harnessing AI to Create Effective Video Training

The Magic of Multiplying Yourself. Harnessing AI to Create Effective Video Training

Let’s get real: You cannot be present everywhere at once, and neither can you continually provide one-on-one instructions. Multiply ME leverages the compelling nature of video to convey training, expectations, and protocols to staff members. A well-produced video can often deliver a message far more efficiently and consistently than in-person instruction, primarily because it’s replicable. This isn’t just about recording yourself but creating comprehensive training material that feels personal yet is scalable. Every staff member gets the exact message, tone, and content.

Why “Multiply Me”?

The heart of many tradies and service industries is training. Traditionally, this has been RRTE (repetitive, reminding, training, explaining). The overhead? Time, stress, and inefficiencies. Now, with the Multiply Me system, this routine can be effortlessly transformed. How? Through video communication.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have the time to create videos!” But here’s the kicker – you don’t have to be on camera. The platform leverages AI, turning your scripted knowledge into a dynamic video presentation. That’s right, your own virtual twin handling the training.

Artificial Intelligence as the Game-Changer

While videos have been around for ages, the integration of AI in training modules is what makes this system unparalleled. AI ensures that the content is interactive, adaptive, and tailored to the learning needs of the individual. AI can track progress, answer questions in real-time, and even provide instant feedback, reducing the need for constant human intervention. Think of it as having a virtual training assistant available 24/7, primed to deliver your message exactly how you’d want it.

How does it work?

Picture this. Your team forgets an essential tool for the day, a mistake that could set the whole project behind. Traditionally, you’d have to address it in person, eating into your precious time. With Multiply Me:

  • Identify the Issue: Like a modern suggestion box, you label the issue.
  • Develop the Training: You provide the details and script for the issue. Choose an AI presenter, and the system produces the video for you.
  • Approve and Store: After production, you approve the video, which then gets stored in your “Knowledge Bank”.

What follows is seamless. Your team receives notifications about the video. They confirm their identity, watch, and then acknowledge they’ve understood. The best part? All this happens in your dashboard, giving you a bird’s eye view of your team’s progress.

Streamline and Automate

Multiply Me doesn’t stop at creation. You can categorise your team and assign specific training videos. Moreover, you can schedule reiterations of the videos, ensuring consistent reinforcement. All this can be automated. So, you’re not just repeating yourself less; you’re working smarter.

Real-world Impact

Businesses raved about how Multiply Me has reshaped their operations. From saving time on-site to efficiently handling administrative tasks like invoicing. The freedom this system offers is unparalleled. Imagine operating your business remotely, from a tropical paradise like Bali! Sounds like a dream, right? With Multiply Me, it’s a reality.

Beyond Business

But the impact of Multiply Me isn’t just operational. Luke’s core mission? To create more family time for business owners. And isn’t that what we all strive for? A balance where our businesses thrive without consuming every waking moment.


To all the trades and service business owners of Australia, it’s time to evolve. You’re not in the business to be bogged down by RRTE, working harder than your team, and bearing all the liabilities. Multiply Me offers a way out, turning your expertise into a digital legacy, improving training, and freeing up your time.

I’ve seen the future of training in the construction and service industry, and it’s powered by AI. Dive into the world of Multiply Me and see the transformation yourself. Cheers to working smarter, not harder!