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Video Toolbox Talk ‘Shorts’ For Better Workplace Safety & Support.

Reimagining Workplace Training with Video Toolbox Talks ‘Shorts’ G’day, business owners! Let’s have a chat about something that’s probably bugging you – getting everyone on the same page seems to be getting harder! Have you noticed traditional training methods just aren’t cutting it anymore? Handing out stacks of paper or digital documents, expecting everyone to […]

The Magic of Multiplying Yourself. Harnessing AI to Create Effective Video Training

Let’s get real: You cannot be present everywhere at once, and neither can you continually provide one-on-one instructions. Multiply ME leverages the compelling nature of video to convey training, expectations, and protocols to staff members. A well-produced video can often deliver a message far more efficiently and consistently than in-person instruction, primarily because it’s replicable. […]

Elevate Your Business: Unlocking the Future of Equipment Hire with Multiply ME

In an age where technology touches every facet of our lives, it’s exciting to witness innovations that revolutionise our daily operations. Introducing the “Multiply ME” Video Training System – a game-changer we’re eager to spotlight, especially for the dynamic business leaders among us. Here’s a Glimpse of Our Journey: A while back, we were posed […]

Why Video Training is the Future for Businesses: Unlocking Time and Efficiency

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In today’s fast-paced business world, where time is a valuable asset, finding innovative ways to optimise training processes has become crucial. Video training has emerged as a powerful solution for tradies and service providers in Australia, enabling them to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and eliminate repetitive tasks. In this blog post, we’ll explore why […]

How the IDDDR Mindset Will Protect Your Business From Accidents

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In the world of business, accidents happen, and the consequences can be devastating. Allow me to share a personal story to emphasise the importance of proactive measures and the role video training can play in safeguarding your enterprise. How the IDDDR Mindset Will Protect Your Business in an accident  Let me begin by introducing myself […]