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Video Toolbox Talk ‘Shorts’ For Better Workplace Safety & Support.

Video Toolbox Talk ‘Shorts’ For Better Workplace Safety & Support.

Reimagining Workplace Training with Video Toolbox Talks ‘Shorts’

G’day, business owners! Let’s have a chat about something that’s probably bugging you – getting everyone on the same page seems to be getting harder!

Have you noticed traditional training methods just aren’t cutting it anymore?

Handing out stacks of paper or digital documents, expecting everyone to read and remember – it’s a bit of a joke, isn’t it?

Workers often don’t fully understand or retain the info, which leads to more accidents on the job.

Let’s start with the hard facts about workplace fatalities in 2024. it’s horrific.

The Problem with the Old Ways

So let’s break this down.
For years, we’ve relied on manuals and procedural documents. But let’s be honest, how many of our employees actually read and remember all that stuff? Not many, I bet.

This is a huge reason why workplace accidents are on the rise. I’ve seen it firsthand – in my time, I’ve employed hundreds of staff and conducted over 2,000 job interviews.

The onboarding process can be overwhelming, and expecting new hires to retain everything in one go is unrealistic. Then, we usually don’t follow up much after the initial training, leaving employees without the support they need to stay safe.

Toolbox Talks: Useful, But Are They Regular Enough?

Toolbox talks, or safety toolbox talks, are those quick huddles where we remind everyone about safety practices. They’ve been quite effective – discussing near-misses, reviewing protocols, and encouraging staff to speak up about safety concerns.

Research shows these talks can reduce workplace accidents by keeping safety top of mind. But here’s the kicker: it’s getting harder to gather everyone in one place, especially with remote work and varied schedules.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love a good face-to-face get-together but are they enough and are they actually happening?
What if you could back them up with video while you are not even there to make a stronger impact and keep you, your workers and your business safer?

Attention Spans Are Shrinking

This is one of the reasons why change is needed.
We can’t keep saying, “This is the way we’ve done it for years”, and hope it gets better because the environment is changing therefore the approach needs to change too.

We’ve all seen it – people can’t focus as long as they used to. Studies show the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8.25 seconds in 2013, and it might be as low as 47 seconds when we’re looking at screens​ (Northeastern Global News)​​ (Samba Recovery)​.

It’s no wonder traditional training methods don’t work as well. They demand too much focus for too long.

Multiply Me’s Game-Changing Knowledge Boost System

This is where Multiply Me comes in. We’ve reimagined workplace training, taking a page from social media’s book.

We start with long-form videos for comprehensive onboarding. Then, to keep that info fresh, we use short, daily reminder videos – like the short clips on YouTube that get you to watch the full-length videos.

This library of knowledge bombs is unlike anything else that you will find in training because we address the real-life things that business owners are repeating themselves over… the things that drive both employers and employees around the twist.

This way, employees constantly get little reminders about the most important stuff, keeping safety top of mind.

“It Works For Social Media So It Will Work For Workplace Training”

We call this our Knowledge Boost System. It’s been a hit in early trials, with noticeable improvements in punctuality, teamwork, and respect for workplace procedures.

Learning from YouTube’s Success

Ever notice how YouTube creators hook you with short clips that highlight the best parts of their longer videos? It’s genius. They understand that people’s attention spans are short, so they use these snippets to draw viewers in.
Multiply Me uses the same strategy – long videos for in-depth training and short clips for daily reminders. This approach keeps employees engaged and informed, meeting them where their attention span is at​ (90 Seconds)​.

Video Training for All Business Sizes

And here’s the best part – video training isn’t just for the big guys anymore. With technology today, you can record a quick video on your phone and upload it to the Multiply Me platform.

Once it’s up there, it’s ready to go as a training video complete with a sign-off page and questions to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

No fancy equipment needed, just a phone and your know-how.

The 70-20-10 Training Model

We also lean on the 70-20-10 training model. This idea is that 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experiences, 20% from interactions with others, and 10% from formal training.

Our continuous, bite-sized training content fits right into this model, ensuring employees are always learning and applying their knowledge in real-world situations, backed by peer support and formal sessions. Check out this YouTube video on the 70-20-10 learning model for more insight.

Personal Insights

I’ve seen both good and bad attitudes in the workplace. A few serious accidents and countless job interviews have shown me that good training can make all the difference.

Employees with the right attitude and knowledge create a safer, more efficient work environment.

So, ask yourself

  • Are you repeating yourself in the workplace?
  • Do you see attention spans dropping among your staff?

These might be signs that it’s time for a new training approach.

Will the Knowledge Boost System work for you?

If you have staff that need to know the way you roll, whether it be for safety or greeting a customer in the right way and you’re currently using your time and energy to do that…well using video is definitely for you!

We work with small businesses from 3 staff right up to 500 staff.

Ask Yourself

  • Would it be worth it to raise the knowledge of your staff without using your time?
  • How will you prove your support for your staff in the case of an HR claim or accident?

Think of it as the new pep talk and pat on the back for every staff member.

This system automates the delivery of powerful, bite-sized videos covering hundreds of daily safety and support topics that business owners need to discuss with their teams.

From mental health to ladder safety to customer interactions, these videos ensure that you consistently meet your duty to consult as outlined by Safe

Here industry leaders and lawyers discuss this new system

A Practical Solution for Modern Challenges

The need for businesses to innovate with technology to navigate these restraints is high, so we are extremely proud to be pioneering our Knowledge Boost Video System, which can be 100% automated on the Multiply Me platform.

This means your staff get more support, and your business will save time and money by default.

Usually, more support costs money, but this system will actually increase your profit – it’s a win-win for any business.
With the XME system, you can now automate the delivery of powerful bite-sized Knowledge Boosting videos to convey crucial safety and support messages to your team, even when you’re unavailable. This helps businesses demonstrate its duty to consult.

Real-World Results

Our unique Knowledge Boost Videos address hundreds of relevant topics that your workplace needs to be talking about. Watching a Knowledge Boost Video (KBV) is like a Toolbox Talk, only it doesn’t require the whole team to get together – your team can watch them anywhere, anytime, and the system documents everything for company safety and compliance.

Documenting regular communication provides a proactive layer of protection and acts as a second insurance policy to get you through the next HR claim or accident because you can demonstrate with confidence a regular method of communication that will help you meet your Duty to Consult.
We recently surveyed 30 businesses and asked them:

“Do you have a bulletproof, consistent system of consultation with staff that documents the communications?”

We got a unanimous NO, most said “We could do better” or “I do worry about it” accompanied by these three main excuses:

  • It’s hard to get the team in one place.
  • We are too busy.
  • We can’t afford to lose any more productive time and need to stay afloat.

From personal experience, I can tell you that regular documented communication with staff is critical if you ever need to go on the defence.

It was a “signed” toolbox talk that kept my family and my business safe when I had to demonstrate to Worksafe how I maintained regular contact with my staff.

I know firsthand the importance of establishing and documenting this easy safety habit, yet most don’t take the time to do it until it’s too late.
That’s why we created a fully automated system that costs next to NOTHING, so there is no excuse not to put this insurance policy in place today.

Our system shows up at your workplace every day to support your team (it will never text you at 7:30 am on Monday to let you know it’s sick).

You will have peace of mind that you have a regular safety habit that’s ticking away in the background, keeping guys more informed and safe while building a body armour of insurance with every sign-off.

Check out Multiply Me and see how we can help transform your training process. It’s time to move forward with a smarter, more effective way of training and supporting your team.

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