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Why Is Video Marketing Important For Workplace?

video Marketing

Why Is Video Marketing Important For Workplace?

Video marketing is a powerful tool for promoting a workplace and its products or services. When you hear the term ‘Video Marketing’ We sure you’re thinking videos to sell products or services…right?

Hey It’s Luke here from the Multiply ME System and today I’m going to join the dots on video marketing for internal purposes in the workplace. Let me explain…this will be a gold nugget you wished you’d known earlier.

Video Marketing Tool

The truth is, we’re all visual beings that’s why video is the most powerful form of marketing. It’s more likely to make an impact on your audience and help you achieve your goals. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

Video marketing is used to influence people

At its core, video marketing is used to influence people to take action that will result in a desired outcome.

You’ve probably been using video marketing to influence your clients/customers to make a decision that has a benefit or result for your businesses for years, right?
So, at XME we apply this same principal for workplace video training

video content can create an emotional connection with the audience and communicate a message in a way that is memorable and impactful. Whether it’s to promote a new product launch, build brand awareness, or drive sales, video marketing can play a crucial role in influencing people’s actions and decisions.


A business training video is essentially a marketing video for your staff. You want to show and convince them that what they watched in the video is way things should be done and the way they will do things in the future. Here’s why…

A business training video is essentially a marketing video for your Key Benefits Of Video Training In The Workplace- Multiply Me staff. You want to show and convince them that what they watched in the video is way things should be done and the way they will do things in the future

What Kind of Results will using Video Marketing (training) Provide for Your Business?

Using video marketing for training in a business can provide several key benefits and results, including:

    • Improved learning and retention:-Videos are a visual and engaging way to present information, which can help employees retain information better than traditional methods.
    • Increased accessibility:-With video, employees can access training materials from anywhere at any time, making it easier for remote workers or those with limited access to training resources.
    • Reduced costs:- Video training can be more cost-effective than in-person training sessions, as it eliminates travel expenses and other costs associated with traditional training methods.
    • Enhanced engage: -Videos can bring a human touch to training materials and make them more engaging, helping employees to stay focused and motivated.
    • Consistency: – Video training materials can ensure that all employees receive the same information, reducing the risk of miscommunication or misunderstandings.
    • Overall, incorporating video into a business’s training strategy will help to improve the quality of training, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and drive better results for the business as a whole.

Multiply Me Video Training Software

Do people enjoy training via videos?

Yes, People like to watch videos because they learn much faster and it’s easier to understand. Your staff can watch them right when they need the information.

      • It’s clear video is here to stay. If you’re still making your staff read and sign documents…maybe it’s time to take a look at video. With the XME system it can be used to deliver any type of information, from recruiting to toolbox talks.
      • You can even have a knowledge check after your videos with all the critical sign offs recorded directly to your main XME account to safe keeping.
      • If you even need to call on that training data to protect your company it’s just one, click away. The XME system is also a great way to get your staff up to speed on anything new.
      • If you have a new product or service that needs to be explained, just record it and send it out. With the XME system there are many different ways to do this.
        You can even use video as a way of communicating with each other in the office through our secure intranet.


Educate people and support them make better decisions

Video training can help people make better decisions. Videos are more engaging and easier to digest, which means that they’re more likely to be remembered than text-based materials. They also allow you to present information in a non-linear way, so that viewers can watch the video at their own pace and decide what’s most important for them at any given moment.

This is especially useful for workplace training, because it means that employees will be able to learn at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or confused by too much information at once–and then apply what they’ve learned immediately after watching the video (which means less time spent on training overall).

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