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How Changing Your Mindset Can Protect You And Your Business

video training software

How Changing Your Mindset Can Protect You And Your Business

Being in business comes with some ups and downs.
2 extreme downs I experienced as the director of my Scaffold company were 2 serious accidents.

After 10 years of sorting through the details of these accidents with the investigators, It helped me refine my IDDDR system.

  • It’s the IDDDR business protection MINDSET I presented in my investigations and found it was like a body armor for business and my family
  • It’s not about making training videos, it’s about being proactive and supporting your team with information and knowledge to be safe and work to your standard.
  • The videos are important, reliable and consistent communication available to anyone that needs it, so you don’t need to be always there in a physical form. You can Multiply Yourself. An extra set of hands. Be in more places than one.

video training software

Running your business with the IDDDR system will not only show your business characteristics in the highest regard but it will drastically reduce or eliminate any issues from happening in the first place. Get in front of the game before you get put behind.

Implementing a Learning Management System using video as a digital asset (the fastest way to consume information) is for forward-thinking proactive business leaders, and we want to work with you!


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