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Key Benefits Of Video Training In The Workplace- Multiply Me

Key Benefits

Key Benefits Of Video Training In The Workplace- Multiply Me

Training is essential in helping employees get acclimatized to a new company, procedure, or tool. But sometimes, it can be challenging and time-consuming to conduct a training session as you grow your business, with new people constantly coming in and when you introduce new methods or systems every now and then.

This is where training videos in the workplace come to the rescue. With video training, you can easily introduce new procedures, onboard new hires, and improve communication between managers and employees. videos can help you exponentially increase the efficiency of your business.

This is because it provides a wide variety of benefits for your business like: Training new employees and customers, Highlighting your products or services, Building trust with prospective customers and Partnering with other businesses.

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Why video Training?

Video training is an extremely effective way to deliver content to employees in the workplace. Here are four key benefits of using video training in the workplace in Australia:

Increased Engagement:

Video training is highly engaging and can capture employees’ attention more effectively than other types of training methods. This increased engagement can lead to better learning outcomes and improved performance in the workplace.

Greater Flexibility:

Video training provides employees with greater flexibility when it comes to learning. Employees can watch videos at their own pace and review content as often as they need to. This flexibility can lead to better learning outcomes and improved workplace performance.

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Improved Retention:

Video training can improve information retention rates compared to other types of training methods. This improved retention can lead to better learning outcomes and improved workplace performance.


Video training is a cost-effective solution for delivering employee training in the workplace. This cost-effectiveness can lead to better learning outcomes and improved workplace performance.

  • Video Training is less Expensive and Saves Time Research suggests that 85% of every dollar spent on instructor-led training is spent on conveying the information. Conversely, you can save time and money with video training because it is less hands-on.
  • Corporate video courses can also be reused over and over because they are recorded once, then made available to the public. This eliminates location, travel, instructors, class material, and overhead costs.
  • It’s not just a little annoying to keep making training programs, but it also takes a lot of time. It takes time to plan, create, and deliver training content on top of your other responsibilities.
  • But with interactive video learning, you don’t have to do all that work anymore. You can provide your new and existing hires with the training they need by leveraging employee training videos.
  • Using interactive video learning means your employees can always access the resources they need when they need them — without you having to create anything new, unless there’s an update to your process.
  • Video training can also be used for multiple purposes, not just learning new skills but also refreshing employees’ knowledge of current ones and reinforcing rules and regulations, making video a cost-effective solution for all business challenges.


Traditional training methods are hard to measure — sometimes, even after a good training session, you might not know whether your team understood what you taught them. On the other hand, videos are a great way to pass information, improve your team’s learning and development, and keep them on the same page. Video training can also be done remotely, so no matter where your employees are located, they can get up to speed quickly on new processes or procedures.

Lastly, video training is more fascinating than reading through text and is much more practical than attending in-person workshops. If you’re looking into providing some form of training for your employees, then instructional videos may be just what they need!

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